We've started our LINE Official Account

*This service will be available only in Japan.

Rivers LINE Official Account has started.
By registering as a "friend", you will be able to shop our online store on the familiar LINE app.
Moreover, it is more convenient and more economical than the conventional online shopping from your browser.
We have summarized the benefits of this service, and hope you will find it useful for your future shopping.

The menu items "購入履歴 配送状況 Purchase History Delivery Status" and "マイランク My Rank" are functions only available on LINE Official Account.

Easy to find products
Tap "商品を探す Find Products" on the menu, and you can find products in categories such as "Mug & Tumbler", "Jug", and "Coffee".

Check the delivery status on LINE app
If you connect your LINE and STUNSCAPE ONLINE STORE accounts, you can easily check the delivery status of your package and change the date, time, and location of pickup on LINE app.

Receive discount coupons
Your "My Rank" will rise and fall according to the amount of purchases you make during the year, and you will receive discount coupons for 500 yen, 700 yen, and 1,000 off yen twice a year.

If you shop at least once a year, you are a Silver member or above. So it is definitely worth it to link your accounts.

So don't forget the two things: friend registration and account linking.

Actually, the most reason we decided to start our LINE Official Account was because of the inquiries we received from our customers.
Gratefully many people have visited our online store and inquired about our products.
However, we wondered it might be a hassle for people to send us those e-mails.

If that hassle were eliminated, shopping must have become more "enjoyable".

We have started LINE Official Account to make this wish come true.

Therefore, the "よくある質問 Frequently Asked Questions" section of the menu contains many of the inquiries we have received from our customers. If you have any questions about shopping or how to care for our products, please take a look at it.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask us directly, please feel free to contact us on LINE as well.

These are the reasons why we started our LINE Official Account.
You can easily register as a friend by clicking the button below.


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