Howdy Johnny Stout Air550

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A must-have bottle for outdoor lovers with printed vintage-inspired graphics.
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Sturdy and lightweight two sizes of drinking bottles.

Original goods printed with characters from the animated short 'Howdy Johnny', in which Bear and Wolf are active in the mountains. The line-up includes a total of four colours to match the vintage-style graphics.

-Multi-use bottles for drinks, measuring and even storage containers.

Two sizes are available: 550 ml and 1000 ml. The scale shows at a glance how much drink is left in the bottle, and can also be used as a measuring bottle. The bottles are completely airtight, so they can be used as food storage for preservation, or for any other use you can think of.

Note:The bottle gets hot after filling with boiling water and may cause burns if touched with bare hands. Use gloves or wrap a towel or hand towel around the bottle when filling it with boiling water.

-Made of lightweight and sturdy 'Ecozen'.

BPA-free 'Ecozen' material is used. It is extremely lightweight and resistant to drops and other impacts and scratches. It can withstand boiling water and alcohol, making it a must-have bottle for outdoor use.

We're trying to boost outdoor culture.
It was with this in mind that 'Howdy Johnny' was born.
Set in the mountains, the story involves bears, wolves and sometimes even humans.
It's a story that will make even people who weren't interested in the outdoors chuckle.
We aim to make everyone happy for two minutes.
Come on, enjoy another day of talk with Bear and Wolf! 

Click here for the official HOWDY JOHNNY channel

Note: HOWDY JOHNNY official channel is only available in Japanese, sorry!
Product name
Howdy Johnny Stout Air 550E
550 ml
About 135g
About  W100mm(including strap) × D71mm × H204mm
Raw materials
Copolyester* PET(bottle body) / polypropylene (lid, splash guard, ring) / silicone rubber (strap) / stainless steel (pin)
Heatproof temperature
90 ° C (bottle body), 140 ° C (lid, splash guard)
Cold resistance temperature
-40 ° C (bottle body, lid, splash guard)
Country of origin
Microwave / dishwasher can not be used.

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