Thermo Jug Keat 1600

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The large size of the tabletop vacuum flask pot Keat is now available. Even though it is larger, the stylish design remains the same and is available in monochromatic colors.

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A tabletop vacuum flask pot that achieves both design and function

The Thermo Jug Keat is not only used as an interior-like tabletop pot at home, but its popularity is also spreading to the camping world. It has a high heat and cold retention effect and matches the needs of campers who have difficulty securing a power source.

-Increase in size for better heat and cold retention

In order to increase the heat and cold retention performance, and in anticipation of outdoor use where more drinks are needed, a large size was developed. The increased capacity improves the heat retention effect by 8℃ after 10 hours, up to 64℃. Of course, you can enjoy cold drinks even longer.

-Form and monochromatic colors that don't make you feel its size

In contrast to the sharp design of the Keat 1200, the 1600 size has a more rounded form that looks more friendly. The spout is also in the same color as the body (monocolor), giving it a gentle impression.

-Improved lid structure for easy washing

In response to requests for washing the inside of the lid, we have improved the structure of the lid to make it easy to disassemble and wash. By holding both sides of the lid between two fingers and pressing lightly, the lid comes off up and down, allowing you to clean every part of the lid. You can also put your hand inside the pot body and wash it thoroughly.

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Please note that the lids for the Thermo Jug Keat 1200/1600 cannot be used with the Thermo Jug Keat (previous models) due to their different sizes.

Product name
Thermo Jug Keat 1600
1600 ml
About W207mm × D146mm × H200mm
Raw materials
18-8 Stainless Steel (Body, Lid), Polypropylene (Body, Lid), Beachwood (Handle), Polyacetal (Lid), Silicone Rubber (Lid, Handle), Stainless Steel (Lid, Handle)
Heat retention effect
64.4 ° C or more (10 hours)
Cold insulation effect 6.3 ° C or less (6 hours)
Country of origin

Microwave / dishwasher can not be used.

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