Micro Coffee Dripper 2

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Super compact stainless steel filter dripper witch allows you to brew outdoors. It's foldable and storeable in a cup. New colors of Olive and Tan also appeared.

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The world's smallest long-selling coffee dripper

The Micro Coffee Dripper allows you to enjoy authentic coffee brewing, which you would not expect from its compact appearance. It has been a long seller since its release in 2012, and is widely popular among both veterans and beginners who are trying to brew their own coffee for the first time. Thanks to its small size, which allows the coffee to overflow quickly if hot water is not poured gently, even beginners can naturally learn to drip carefully and get the best out of the coffee.

-Improved compatibility with wide-mouth mugs

This is the first model change in the nine years since its release. However, other than the logo design and the addition of new colors, the only other change is the extension of the fin on the side of the cup by 1mm. Thanks to this improvement, you can now use a mug with an inner dimension of 8cm. In fact, this was done to further improve the stability of the UL Hiker Mug (S) when placing the MCD on it. Thanks to this 1mm extension, you can now brew coffee in any location with confidence. This is a very small model change, but it is the result of the pursuit of "ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight," which Rivers, an advocate of unplugged coffee, insists on.

-Two new colors, Olive and Tan

We have added two popular colors to the lineup - Olive and Tan - to  the Black color that was previously only available. The Rivers logo has also been redesigned, giving the entire product a completely new look. Enjoy coordinating these colors as accents in your camping scenes.

Product name
Micro Coffee Dripper 2
About 37 g
W84mm × D78mm × H47mm
Raw materials
Polypropylene (filter) / stainless steel (mesh) / silicone rubber (holder)
Country of origin
The approximate inner dimension of the mugs that can be used is approx. 7-8 cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Doe



フィルターの目がすごく細かく洗うのも凄く楽です。そしてとてもコンパクト! もう一つ買い足そうと思っています。


普通のドリッパーは大きすぎてかさばります。サイズ感が良くてGOODです。落としても壊れないので山に持って行くのも良いですね。 ただ、ナイロンメッシュは粉の粒度のベストを探すのが難しい。慣れるまでに少しかかりそうです。

ハイカーマグとウォールマグ スリークとセットで使ってみました。

ドリッパーは1人分量の粉で湯を注いだらすぐに下に流れる位にスッと淹れる事が出来ました。 2人分量だとゆっくり抽出するような淹れ方に。 ミニマム携帯用なので2人分入れるのが精一杯なので旅はハイカーマグ、家でゆっくり時間ならウォールマグ スリークとセットで使うのが良さそうかなと感じました。 洗う時も中のドリッパーとホルダーを分離して洗えるので使用後は粉を廃棄して残った粉はホルダーと分離して裏から水をかけてを落とすと水だけで綺麗に落とせます。 今まではコーヒーフィルターでドリップしていたけど紙を使わないコーヒー本来の味が少ない量から手軽に味わえる一品だと思います。

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