Wallmug Sleek ODM

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Tumbler with the monster "SHINKIRO-TSUNAGI" printed on it, created through collaboration with OUTDOOR MONSTER.

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A double wall tumbler with a take-out cup motif

This double-wall tumbler is printed with the original monster "SHINKIRO-TSUNAGI" for enjoying unplugged coffee.

-A generous size for about two cups of coffee

The actual capacity of 300ml is about the size of two cups of coffee. Therefore, if you imagine a single take-out cup, it may seem a little large at first for women or people with small hands. However, some people say that this size is perfect for daily use.

-Double-layered structure to prevent the body from getting hot

The double-layered design of the cup prevents it from becoming too hot to hold even when filled with hot drinks, and also prevents condensation from forming on cold drinks.

-Light, unbreakable, and durable tumbler

When carrying a tumbler, you may be concerned about its lightness and durability. The Sleek is lightweight and unbreakable, and when combined with the Micro Coffee Dripper, it becomes a portable coffee maker set that you will want to take with you not only for daily use, but also for outdoor activities and travel.

-Black is available online store only

In addition to the regular colors of beige, olive, and mustard, the lineup includes a "black" version available only at the online store. The white print on the black body makes the graphics stand out even more.

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Have you ever felt a special sensation when you brew coffee early in the morning? For example, there are various reports that the aroma and sound of coffee dripping when hot water is poured sharpen one's senses, and that one feels as if one is in a different space even in one's own home.

In fact, it is said that he may be using the steam from his coffee to seamlessly connect his mind with the great outdoors as a mirage. A traveler who met him wrote in his diary, "The early morning coffee that gradually wakes you up is as gentle as being slowly warmed by the rising sun.


An original character created by "Lock", an outdoor design unit based in Miyagi Prefecture, based on the concept of "connecting people with the outdoors". Each monster has its own name and life style, and more than 200 monsters have been created so far. In addition to producing and selling original items, he also actively holds workshops at events to convey the joy and wonder of nature and the outdoors.

Product name
Wallmug Sleek ODM
350 ml (300 ml of actual capacity)
Approximately 118g
About W90mm × D90mm × H130mm (Bore size: About 90mm)
Raw materials
Polypropylene (cup, lid) / thermoplastic elastomer (lid) / silicone rubber (lid)
Heatproof temperature
Cold resistance temperature
Country of origin
· You can not use the microwave. 
· Please do not use dishwasher and bleach to avoid prints peeling off.

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