Thermo Jug Cask

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A thermo Jug with large 5 liter capacity. From outdoor to living room, this interior-like thermo jug can be used anywhere.
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Large thermo jug for dining and camping

-Large capacity 5L vacuum double-layer construction for long-lasting heat and cold retention
The 5L capacity is equivalent to 25 mugs (assuming 200ml per mug). That's enough for everything from sporting events in the middle of summer to camping and cooking. Of course, it also retains heat, so you can make a quick cup of coffee or a bowl of soup.

‐Works well as an ice bucket or cooler box
It can also function as an ice cooler since ice does not melt easily. As an unique idea you can fill it with ice to create a champagne cooler-like effect at home parties.

-With the included strainer, you can brew a large amount of water-drained tea
This product comes with a special large tea strainer. You can even brew a lot of watered-down tea at once.

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Product Name
Thermo Jug Cask
about 2.84kg
About W216mm × D267mm × H480mm
Raw materials
18-8 Stainless Steel (Body) / Polypropylene (Body, Lid, Strainer) / Beachwood (Legs) / Silicone Rubber (Lid, Body) / Copper (Body) / Nylon (Strainer) / Methacrylic Resin (Thermometer Monitor) / Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Thermometer Monitor) / ABS Resin (Body) / Polycarbonate (Body) / Galvanized Copper (Legs)
Heat retention effect
More than 70.4℃ (10hours)
Cold retention effect
Less than 7.4℃ (6hours)
Country of origin
Microwave / dishwasher cannot be used.

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